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My name is Erik Rydberg and I am running for California's Secretary of State. As Chief Elections officer the Secretary of State is responsible to ensure an accurate, thorough and transparent count of all the votes cast in California elections.

Last year during the 2016 Presidential Primary many No Party Preference(NPP) voters who wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders in California's semi-open primary were encouraged to cast provisional ballots. When if fact they needed to request cross-over Democratic ballots for Bernie Sanders' name to appear on their ballot. Our current Secretary of State Alex Padilla was well aware of the excitement around Senator Sanders Presidential Campaign and well aware of the large amount of voters registered NPP in California. At a time when he should have been overseeing the training of county registers for a massive in flux of Independents requesting cross-over ballots, he instead spent his time campaigning for Hillary Clinton which is a violation of the Democratic National Committee's(DNC) charter for party leaders remain "impartial and evenhanded" while overseeing a primary.

why I am running for Secretary of State

It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State to make sure that county registers are trained in all methods pertaining to which ballots voters might request and for what purposes. What we call No Party Preference(NPP) in California much of the country calls Independent. Independents are the majority of registered voters in America. If I am elected as your next Secretary of State I will ensure and accurate, thorough and transparent count of California's votes. I will see to it that all county registers are trained in handling the majority of voters. I will make sure all county registers are thoroughly trained in assisting Independents and all registered voters on which ballots they need to vote for the Candidate they want.


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